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Using K8s Dashboard

Once you have Created a Project you may want to make various changes, such as adding a new deployment resource, editing CPU and memory resources, deleting a deployment, etc.

You can make such changes using the Kubernetes Dashboard provided in the CloudFlow Console or by using the Kubernetes API and kubectl. This doc shows how to make simple changes using the Kubernetes dashboard.

Launch the Kubernetes Dashboard

From the CloudFlow Console select Launch Dashboard On the Projects page.


This will load up the native Kubernetes dashboard for this project. From here you can see and interact with all of your deployments.

Add a K8s "Resource"

Our tutorial pages have YAML files for Deployments, ConfigMaps, Services, and others. All of these are Kubernetes resources that can be applied to your Project using the Kubernetes Dashboard.

From any of our tutorials, copy the YAML, then go to the dashboard and select the + from the upper right hand corner, choose "Create from input", and then paste your YAML into the text field. Select Upload.


Kubernetes resources such as Deployments, ConfigMaps and Services can all be applied in this way.

Delete Deployment

To delete a resource from the Kubernetes Dashboard, in the list of deployments select the Actions menu (three vertical dots at the far right) and select Delete.

Delete deployment

Delete Service

To delete a Service from the Kubernetes Dashboard (such as ingress-upstream, as required to begin many of our tutorials), in the list of Services select the Actions menu (three vertical dots at the far right) and select Delete.

Delete Service

Edit Deployment

On the Kubernetes Dashboard you should see your deployment. In this example and if you chose to deploy our example container the deployment is named cloudflow-project-deployment. If you wanted to edit the resource consumption you will need to edit the deployment.


Edit the deployment YAML CloudFlow generated when you deployed your first project. For more information on configuration of resources see our guide on Setting Resource Limits.

Change RAM and CPU Allocation

To make changes to your resource allocation you will need to update the resources array.


Select Update and your changes will be applied to your deployment. You can then use the Kubernetes dashboard to monitor the changes happening to your workload in real time.