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Section's Global Edge Hosting Platform continuously optimizes the Edge for each unique application's needs and simplifies the entire application lifecycle and management for Edge.

In addition to a global compute footprint with Section's Composable Edge Cloud, the Section platform includes a Kubernetes Edge Interface for simple deployment of workload to the Edge and an Adaptive Edge Engine to continuously move workload to optimal locations based on any specified parameters and any relevant currently prevailing application context.

Get Started deploying workload to the Edge with Section.

Read our Guides on deploying workload to the Edge with Section.

Composable Edge Cloud

Section provides a malleable edge deployment surface on which your application can run consisting of a global network of compute locations. Providers include Lumen, Equinix, Rackcorp, DigitalOcean, AWS, Azure, GCP. New providers and locations are being added to augment these providers.

Read more about Section Composable Edge Cloud.

Kubernetes Edge Interface (KEI)

KEI provides a K8s consistent interface to deploy and manage workload on the Section Global Network. It is the system that allows you to use standard Kubernetes tooling to deploy applications to the Section Edge.

Read more about KEI.

Adaptive Edge Engine (AEE)

Policy provided by the KEI is consumed by the AEE to optimize placement of workload across the Global Network. The AEE will constantly review and reshape the deployment of workload to potential target clusters on the Global Network subject to the edge network policy provided to it via the KEI for an application and changing user demands or performance conditions for that application.

Read more about AEE.

Platform Extensions

Section offers a number of containers which can be used by customers to add to their application stack to simplify and accelerate the path to deploying and managing an application at the Edge. These include prebuilt HTTP Ingress and Egress containers which enable elements such as TLS management, Origin configuration and management and higher order HTTP monitoring.

Read more about HTTP Platform Extensions.

A number of Software providers have successfully deployed their containerized software to the Section Edge as part of Edge workload solutions for a large number of Section customers. Section is happy to recommend these Software Partners as good quality and simple options to achieve Security, performance and other application outcomes. Partners include providers of;

  • Web Application Firewalls
  • Bot Mitigation Services
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Image Optimization
  • Other

Read more about Section Recommended Partners.


A number of resellers have successfully built Edge Solutions on top of other Section Edge platform to provide a higher level of service to their customers. Section provides a Reseller Console Reference Application to provide a simple path for resellers to deliver a fully featured and custom branded Console application addressing Section Platform (via API).

Read more about Reseller Console Reference Application.

Billing and Pricing

Section bills monthly based on CPU and RAM utilization in USD.

Read more about Pricing.

For specific pricing enquiries, Contact Sales.


Platform support is available for all Section customers and Enterprise Support for application specific support is available as an additional package.

Contact Sales for more information on Support Packages.

Terms and Conditions

Section’s platform and Services are provided in accordance with our Terms of Service.