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Composable Edge Cloud

CloudFlow provides a malleable edge deployment surface on which your application can run consisting of a global network of compute locations.

The CEC includes the ability compose your custom edge cloud by

  • Restricting your application to specific providers or geo locations for specific use cases; or
  • Bringing additional locations and providers to your application edge network.

Current Providers

We have selected a range of compute providers to deliver:

  • Global Reach and Local Proximity
  • Multi Provider Redundancy
  • Extreme Scalability

The many locations available from these providers form a heterogeneous compute footprint on which the CloudFlow endpoint clusters (and hence your applications) may be run.

Current compute providers in the Composable Edge Cloud (CEC) include:

  • Lumen
  • DigitalOcean
  • Equinix
  • AWS
  • GCP
  • Azure
  • Rackcorp

CloudFlow is constantly reviewing additional providers to add to the CEC and will update this list as new providers are added.

Special Use CEC Options

In addition to targeting workload generally at the CloudFlow CEC and letting the CloudFlow Adaptive Edge Engine optimize the placement of the workload across the entire network, workload can be targeted at a subset of the compute locations for Special Use Options by declaring specific placement policies through the Kubernetes API.

Examples may include restricting workload placement to specific locations, regions or providers in the CloudFlow CEC to achieve your desired performance, cost, security and compliance outcomes.

Read more about how to define placement policies with CloudFlow.

In addition, compute locations and providers can be added to the CEC by customers to achieve their product, security or compliance goals. Once added to the CEC, those locations can be specifically identified for the customer’s workload by the CEC and workload addressed to that network by the AEE. Contact Us to find out more about bringing custom locations to the CEC.