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CloudFlow Billing


Free Plans

On sign up for a CloudFlow account and creation of your first Free Project, you will receive a $0 invoice for your Project.

You may have one Free Project per Account. Additional Standard or Pro Projects can be added you account at any time.

Free projects are hibernated after a period of time, requiring regular interaction in the CloudFlow Console in order to remain active.

Standard and Pro Plans

Pricing and Limits for Standard and Pro Plans can be found by contacting us.

On creation of a Standard or Pro plan Project, you will be billed for the plan amount on the date of Project creation (or upgrade to the new plan) and you will receive and invoice by email to your User email address.

Thereafter, you will be billed monthly from that date at the Plan rate.

Enterprise Plans

Please contact us for help with Enterprise Plan options where you need addtiional resources, functionality or wish to combine a larger number of Standard or Pro Projects into a single Enterprise Plan billing structure.

Credit Card Billing

On creation of (or upgrade to) a Standard or Pro Plan you will be asked to enter (or select) a Credit Card for that Project.

Add Payment

You may keep several payment methods on your Account and different payment methods can be used for different Projects.