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Section Distributed GraphQL is the ability to host a location-optimized GraphQL server on Section resulting in high performance and reliability for the end user, lower impact on backend servers, lower costs for backend hosting, better ability to handle spikes, better security, cloud independence, and no impact on your development processes.

Distributing your GraphQL servers as containers on Section gives you the ability to run other containers alongside the GraphQL Server, such as Redis caches and security solutions. You'll have lower impact on, and costs for, backend servers.

How it Works

You deploy a GraphQL server of your choice onto Section. Your GraphQL server immediately gets the benefits of global distribution, being multi-cloud and multi-datacenter. By reducing last-mile latency between your users and your code your users will experience immediate user experience benefits from a performance boost. You are able to further tailor the ways that Section distribution of your server, by adding restrictions you need, or freeing the system to run in as many places you like.

By moving your existing GraphQL container into Section you will also see cost benefits as Section’s compute and data pricing is less than hyperscale costs. This cost saving is more deeply realized when compared to the operational cost, both in cloud resources and engineering overhead, or trying to go multi-datacenter and multi-cloud on your own.

Section manages the day to day operational factors of running servers, automatically detecting failures, and rerouting traffic to ensure availability even in the worst infrastructure outages. Our SOC2 compliance can ensure continuity of your compliance and security needs.

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