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Metrics Endpoint

Exporting Metrics

CloudFlow provides a /federate endpoint from which you can gather live metrics pertaining to your account. The systems underlying this endpoint are Prometheus systems. But the metrics returned are OpenMetrics compatible, and therefore you can use any compatible tooling in order to process them.

We have a number of guides to help you scrape your metrics from our endpoint and export them to Grafana Cloud, Datadog, and others.

Connecting to CloudFlow’s /federate Endpoint

To setup remote collection for any of the following 3rd party systems you will need to collect the following information from CloudFlow Console:

  • CLOUDFLOW_ACCOUNT_ID is 4 or more digits, as in “1234”. Get your account ID by following these instructions.
  • URL:
  • Authentication type: Bearer
  • CLOUDFLOW_API_TOKEN: get an API token using instructions here.
  • Learn more about Prometheus and OpenMetrics at this primer.