Application Programming Interface's Application Programming Interface (API) allows developers to integrate cache clears, data collection, and more into their development cycle.'s API brings maximum flexibility and scalability to your application.’s API allows developers to automate actions made within the portal and integrate’s configuration with their application code, further streamlining the development process.

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Automate common actions.

Program the cache to automatically clear when you publish changes and automate other actions such as IP blocking and information gathering.


Build into your development cycles.

Gain increased control over how integrates with your own application code. Perform actions without having to login to the portal.

identify errors

Gain increased flexibility and control.

Cache a specific URL or empty the entire cache with easy controls in’s portal or your CMS. Use custom Varnish Cache ban expressions or our API for even more granular, flexible control over cache purging.


Get set up quickly and scale easily.

The API definition is provided in Swagger notation for ease of use. Once you've set it up, you can quickly repeat actions across many applications for additional scalability.

Achieve granular control over your Edge PaaS.

page load timeThe API streamlines actions such as cache clear and allows you to build into your own application code for added control and scalability. also provides developers the ability to test before deployment and immediately identify issues via log management and real-time metrics, meaning that websites using cache more content, scale faster, and block more threats than with any other solution.

Fast development and testing, fewer production issues, and ultimately, a better performance and security outcome: That's what you'll get with

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API: Technical Details has been built as an API first platform so you have flexibility and control to drive your Edge PaaS they you want. The API definition is provided in Swagger notation. Swagger is a specification and tool ecosystem for describing, producing, and consuming RESTful web services. You can find out more about Swagger here.