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kubectl Supported Commands

The following are the available kubectl commands when working with CloudFlow.

kubectl commandsObjects it applies toDescription
getpod, service, deployment, hpa.v2beta2.autoscalingPrints a table of the most important information about the specified resources.
createpod, service, deployment, hpa.v2beta2.autoscalingCreate a resource from a file or from stdin.
editpod, service, deployment, hpa.v2beta2.autoscalingEdit a resource from the default editor.
deletepod, service, deployment, hpa.v2beta2.autoscalingDelete resources by file names, stdin, resources and names, or by resources and label selector.
applypod, service, deployment, hpa.v2beta2.autoscalingApply a configuration to a resource by file name or stdin.
describenode, pod, service, deploymentShow details of a specific resource or group of resources.
logspodPrint the logs for a container in a pod or specified resource.
execpodExecute a command in a container.
attachpodAttach to a process that is already running inside an existing container.