Health Checks

Section platform has a default built-in HTTP health check that monitors the health of the environment across multiple locations in the world.

Section uses a health check that queries the path /.well-known/section-io/aee-hc/healthz?ts=<timestamp> to check for health of the entire stack of modules and it’s ability to handle HTTP traffic.

Section uses multiple remote-agents throughout the world to query the environment and then the individiual health responses are aggregated. An individual health response is calculated according to the following conditions :

Scenario Healthy
error: timeout irrelevant
error: dns irrelevant
error: tls, note: that this does not validate the certificate false
Anything other than a HTTP 200 OK from the Remote Agent irrelevant
headers contains section-origin-status and the value is not 000 and not empty true
status: 409 and headers contains section-ingress: not-configured false
status: 5– where – is any number false
status is any number and does not meet the above conditions true

You can read more about custom debugging headers here.


You can use the following example to query your environment and confirm if your environment is healthy to handle HTTP traffic :

curl --head '' \
--header 'section-debug: true' \
--max-time 30

HTTP/2 404
date: Tue, 27 Apr 2021 04:53:20 GMT
content-type: text/html
content-length: 6118
vary: Accept-Encoding
vary: Accept-Encoding
etag: "60878fc3-17e6"
section-origin-dns-failure: false
section-origin-status: 404
section-origin-time-seconds: 0.271
section-io-id: 51a17b0c4b0f233e711ad1a1b256c2fd

In the above example we query an environment with the hostname The above response is deemed healthy according to the conditions mentioned above.