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HTTP Status Codes

Learn about the HTTP status codes that you may run into while using CloudFlow.


This means requests are being routed to a CloudFlow endpoint that is not configured to handle that request.

Reasons this can occur:

  • Incorrect DNS record configuration.
  • Stale DNS record is being cached longer than the TTL we provide, like by a local network override or a solution like Zscaler.


This means there appears to be a cyclic loop, such as the egress requesting back to the edge instead of to the origin.

Reasons this can occur:

  • The origin is configured as another environment on the CloudFlow platform.


This is a modified HTTP 502 status code and means that we had trouble establishing a TCP connection to your server.

Reasons this can occur:

  • Sometimes your web server (e.g. Apache or nginx) may not be running. It may be refusing TCP connections.
  • The origin server address is incorrect. Try browsing directly to your server IP address (you may need to override DNS in your local hosts file). If not, update your origin.


This is a modified HTTP 504 status code and means your application took too long to respond.

Reasons this can occur:

  • The server is under heavy load. Perhaps you could improve your cache hit rate.