Component Function Description
Account Organization Users can be associated with one or many accounts. Accounts represent organizations like businesses.
API API Section JSON RESTful API to manage the users, accounts, applications, environments, domains and logging.
Aperture Dashboard Section web portal to manage the users, accounts, applications, environments, domains and logging.
Application Website configuration Configuration for your content-delivery and proxy setup, monitors HTTP traffic from the client through your proxy stack to your origin and back again, and manages the state of your website content.
Domains Each application can also have multiple domains for any number of websites with the same proxy configuration setup, greatly simplifying the management process for many similar sites.
Edge Proxy Ingress / Edge Proxy Every application proxy stack begins with the Edge proxy.
Environment Staging, Development, Production etc An application supports multiple environments like staging, development, and production on git branches within the application repository. Each of these environments can have different proxy configurations.
Modules Software & Configuration Section offers modules of open source and commercial software solutions that form a proxy stack.
Proxy Reverse Proxy A Proxy or “Reverse Proxy” is the server handling requests within each environment e.g. Varnish Cache.
Proxy Stack Chained Proxies Where more than one Proxy is “chained” together we refer to this as a Proxy Stack.
Support Customer Engineers Section is a managed platform and Customer Engineers are ready to support.
User User management Users can manage accounts, environments, applications etc.

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