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2. Check DNS Propagation

Now that you have created a Section Project we can now check to see that your projects DNS records have propagated across the internet. This process should only take a few minutes and there are a number of ways to check, in this example we will be using a free DNS Checker.

Copy Project URL

To begin navigate to the Section Console and copy your PROJECT URL from the project you just created.


Check DNS

Next, bring up a DNS Checker tool and paste the PROJECT URL and hit search. As your DNS propagates you will see more and more global locations resolve. Once you see all green checks your DNS has propagated and your PROJECT URL is live.


Visit Your Application

You can now navigate to your application in the browser using the provided PROJECT URL.

Now that you have an application running on Section, we will walk you through how to Configure Your Project deployment so that you can run your own application and learn to make changes.