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1. Deploy A Project

Creating a Section Project is the first step when getting started with Section. If you do not already have a Section Account, you can make one for free, here.

Create a Project‚Äč

To begin navigate to the Section Console and select CREATE PROJECT


Provide the following information:

  • Image Name - The name of your container image
  • Port - The port you want to expose from your container
  • Plan - The Section Pricing Plan you want to use for this project

If you do not have a container you want to use for your first project, Section provides an example container, prefilled in the form, for you to test out.

When you are ready, select Deploy to launch your project.


That's It! You now have a Project running on the Section platform.


Section automatically generates the following:

  • Placement locations - We will configure your Section Project with a default Location Optization strategy
  • Global Routing - Your global HTTP traffic will be routed to the placement locations using our Adaptive Edge Engine
  • Project URL - Navigate to your application in the browser
  • DNS and SSL - Your Project URL will automatically have DNS routed and an SSL certificate provisioned
  • Kubernetes API - Run commands and make updates to your project through the Kubernetes API
  • Kubernetes Dashboard - See the status of your deployments, optimize your locations and define resource allocations using the native Kubernetes dashboard

Next we will walk through how to check to see when your project URL has completed Global DNS Propogation so that you can navigate to your application in a browser.