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5. Assign Domains

Now that you have your Section Project configured and running in the optimal locations, you may want to add your own Custom Domain that you control.

Add a Domain to Project‚Äč

To begin navigate to the Section Console and for the Section Project you want to add a Custom Domain to and go into Project Settings by selecting the gear icon.


Next, select Domains in the navigation menu.

Add your new domain(s) by selecting Add Domains and putting in the hostname of your new domain, then hit Save.

Section will generate a new CNAME record for your project. Copy the CNAME record and configure your DNS to point to the Section provided CNAME record.


You are now up and running with your own Custom Domain. You can verify that the domain's DNS is engaged by using the Verify option on the Domains settings page.

You may now delete the section provided URL if you no longer have use for it.

Next we will go over Next Steps you can take with your Section Project such as additional Guides, Tutorials and ways to Monitor your project.