Website Security with ModSecurity's Web Application Firewall

Protect your website from attacks with advanced security features.

With, you can create a sophisticated web application firewall layer with ModSecurity in just 5 minutes. Features include:

  • Unmodified, open-source version of ModSecurity
  • An easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) to adjust security settings or modify ModSecurity for a fully customized security solution.
  • Out-of-the-box protection against the top ten web attacks according to OWASP.
  • Protection for application specific attacks including Magento and Magento Enterprise, Wordpress, ecommerce stores, and media websites.
  • Full integration with your CDN development environment.

Easily Set Up Your Web Application Firewall

website security security metrics

Once you have signed up for and added ModSecurity, the ModSecurity GUI will provide you with an easy methodology to modify the ModSecurity Rule settings. Choose to run the rulesets in "Detect" mode or "Blocking" mode to view potentially malicious activity or start blocking that activity right away.

You can also edit and commit changes to the ModSecurity files directly in the Git editor or in your favorite local Git tooling. gives you full access to metrics, logs and a highly customizable alerting platform. All of these features can be integrated with your existing reporting or alerting frameworks if needed for maximum visibility into security threats.

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