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Section’s Edge Compute Platform intelligently scales workload placement to optimize performance, security and cost.

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edge compute platform

Node.js Edge Hosting

Run mission critical Node.js applications at the network edge for blazingly fast results with enterprise level AppSec protection.

Start for free and scale up as needed.

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Fully customizable, modular edge stack

Bring your own custom workload or choose pre-packaged, market-leading solutions to deploy at the Edge — web application firewall (WAF), bot mitigation, image optimization, A/B testing, and many more solutions to optimize the performance, security, and scalability of your application.

edge compute platform
Varnish Cache
Signal Sciences

Built For DevOps

Section is designed to seamlessly integrate into your development lifecyle.

  • API-First Approach
  • CI/CD Pipeline Integration
  • Infrastructure-as-Code
  • Git-Backed Workflows
  • Developer PoP
  • Monitoring & Diagnostics

Global Edge Network

Rather than investing in our own fixed network of hardware, Section distributes Kubernetes clusters across a vendor-agnostic global network of leading infrastructure providers.

edge compute platform

Trusted by the World's Top Developers

“We calculated how much overall time we’re saving our users (by calculating the difference in average latency) per month, and it works out to approximately 456 person-years per month.”

-Paul Kirby, DevOps Engineer, Hotjar

“In addition to their flexible deployment options and security modules, I’m especially looking forward to seeing what the Section team does in the area of web performance. Their platform architecture allows Section to build very interesting edge compute and intelligent, data-driven decision-making elements that give customers a lot of power without doing all the heavy lifting.”

-Steve Souders, Chief SpeedCurver, Former Head Performance Engineer at Google

“We didn’t believe the results at first, so we asked Section to leave the A/B testing on for a number of weeks, and each week the results came back the same. Their technical expertise is impressive, but more importantly we are impressed with having more money in the bank!”

-Kate Morris, Owner, Adore Beauty

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How Developers are Using Section’s Edge Platform

  • border_color API
  • next_week Edge CDN
  • videogame_asset Gaming
  • web Data Management
  • security Security
  • shopping_cart E-Commerce

and beyond...What will you create?

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