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kubectl config use-context my-edgekubectl apply -f application.yaml

All the benefits of a dynamic, customized Edge without sacrificing DevOps simplicity, control, or flexibility.

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Section Edge optimization means maximum resource efficiency: Always

Proven to perform up to 7x faster than centralized Cloud*, and just as easy.
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Edge-ify your existing apps in minutes

No code rewrites. Deploy your existing containerized applications to the Edge with zero downtime.

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Delight your users with blazingly fast apps

Deliver exceptional digital experiences by serving your apps closer to your users.

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Leverage a more efficient compute model

Optimize performance and cost efficiencies with a dynamic edge that adapts to your users.

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Spend more time innovating

Offload Day 2 Kubernetes complexities so you can focus on building and improving your core apps.

* In tests, Section’s AEE consistently and significantly outperformed Cloud in delivering optimized performance and cost efficiencies without incurring additional costs or resources around application design and system management.
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Deploy, Scale, & Protect Apps at the Edge

A complete system for the simplest path to an optimized Edge for your applications.
kubectl config use-context my-edgekubectl apply -f application.yaml

Kubernetes Edge Interface

Deploy to many Edge locations just like you deploy to your current, single K8s cluster.

KEI provides a K8s-consistent interface to deploy and manage workload to the Section Global Edge Cloud. Keep your development and operations processes the same and deploy to Edge.

Adaptive Edge Engine

Intelligent edge workload orchestration and optimization.

Automatic, optimized placement and scaling of globally distributed edge application deployments to deliver the lowest resource consumption and the highest performance. Control cost, placement, performance, and scale at the edge.

Composable Edge Cloud

A heterogeneous multi-cloud and edge compute network, delivered as a configurable, homogenous edge cloud.

Section’s CEC includes a vendor-agnostic global network of leading infrastructure providers, giving you the ultimate in flexibility, reach, scale, and reliability.

kubectl config use-context my-edgekubectl apply -f application.yaml
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