SSL Certificates

Section offers free and advanced solutions to procure, install, renew, and test SSL certificates for your web application.

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Free and automated SSL certificate generation and renewal

Section’s Edge Compute Platform will automatically generate and renew a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for free for all applications on Section. Alternatively, upload your custom or EV certificate for free.

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Using SSL certificates is the only way to utilize the HTTPS encryption protocol so that sensitive data sent to your website is protected. This prevents attacks and leaking of customer data which can be harmful to your business.

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Google and other search engines take HTTPS into consideration when ranking websites, and Google’s Chrome browser will mark your website as insecure if you are not utilizing HTTPS. Get a leg up on the competition by improving Time to First Byte (TTFB) and overall load time.

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Websites with an SSL/TLS certificate display a lock icon to demonstrate to visitors that they are a secure website. With an extended validation certificate, you can also assure customers that they are at the correct website.

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Section provides several options for SSL/TLS certificates at no extra cost, including automated certificate generation within the Section portal and ongoing renewal of certificates.

Improve your web application security with Section.

Section has advanced options for procuring and managing SSL certificates for your web application. You can generate your own certificate which we will manage and renew or upload your own certificate. Section can also provide multiple certificates for multiple domains for SaaS companies or those managing many websites.

Section provides core performance and security features in addition to a choice of web application firewalls and other security solutions.

Technical Details

SSL Certificates

Section gets your website up and running on HTTPS without any effort required by you, and continues to manage the certificate so you don’t have to worry about maintenance. This includes:

  • Procurement: Before you can run your website on HTTPS, you need to get a certificate. This means you need to research vendors, compare prices, and spend money. Section takes care of certificate procurement for free.

  • Installation: Once you have purchased a certificate, you then need to install the certificate on your website by finding the appropriate keys and safely storing the keys in case you ever need to install the certificate again. Section’s platform installs the certificate and stores key information securely for you.

  • Renewal: Section takes care of certificate renewal for you, so you never have to worry about an expiration date again. Automated renewals ensure your site will offer uninterrupted HTTPS for your customers without any action required by you.

  • Rigorously Tested: Section performs regular automated testing to ensure your encryption always meets or exceeds industry standards. Our testing ensures a Grade A or better on Qualys SSL Labs, a comprehensive HTTPS server test with results you can check yourself at any time.

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