Section Release Notes

Platform improvements and other notable updates

KEI release, New Section Console, Docs, Always-On DDoS Protection, AEE Patent Approval

March 30, 2022
  • New Section Console
  • Revamped Documentation
  • Kubernetes Edge Interface (KEI) - Related Releases
  • Always-On DDoS Protection
  • Patent Approval for Adaptive Edge Engine (AEE)

Below are some highlights of recent releases.

New Section Console

The new Section Console, available at, introduces an improved experience for navigating and managing your account settings and deployed applications on Section. Highlighted features include access to pod status and usage data, ability to monitor edge environments with the Section Traffic Monitor, and control over account and application settings. (Note: Aperture will remain available for existing customers, but we encourage all users to explore and start using the improved Section Console UI.)

Revamped Documentation

We have released a new and improved version of Section Docs. The new documentation empowers users to get up and running with Section’s Kubernetes Edge Interface (KEI)-enabled Edge Hosting Platform quickly and successfully. With a library of resources, including guides, explanations, and references, deploying and managing applications on the Section platform has never been easier.

The patent-pending KEI is officially available for general use. KEI introduces new, Kubernetes-centric tooling and workflows to quickly and easily deploy and manage containerized applications across a distributed edge using the same processes as though interacting with a single cluster. Read KEI Docs

  • Set Edge Location Preferences: Users have the ability to define AEE application deployment requirements using standard Kubernetes ConfigMap parameters. Read docs
  • Environment Monitoring: Container-level logs, metrics and monitoring are turned on at deployment and are accessible via CLI and Section Console, where applicable. Select data is compatible with common industry visualization tools. Read docs
  • Updated Pricing: We have updated our pricing structure to be more consistent with cloud hosting services. You can learn more about our new pricing model here.
  • New Support Options: New enterprise support options are available as a premium service. For more information, contact
  • New Terms & Conditions: New T&Cs apply for KEI-enabled environments. You can view the new Terms & Conditions here.
  • New Service Level Agreement: A new SLA applies for KEI-enabled environments. You can view the new SLA here.

Always-On DDoS Protection

We rolled out an expanded, always-on DDoS protection across Section’s global HTTP anycast network, providing extra protection to applications running on this network. Substantial network-layer DDoS protection is now included by default across the entire Section network to protect against all Layer 3/4 attacks. Section’s DDoS protection includes dually redundant DDoS protection on two of the world’s largest DDoS networks.

Patent Approval for Adaptive Edge Engine (AEE)

We received official patent approval from the US Patent & Trademark Office for the Adaptive Edge Engine (AEE). You can view the full public listing of the patent here.