Section Release Notes

Platform improvements and other notable updates

Lumen PoP Expansion, AEE Improvements, Drupal 9 Update

December 20, 2021
  • Lumen PoP Expansion
  • Improved AEE Performance & Scaling
  • Drupal 9 Update

Below are some highlights of recent releases.

Lumen PoP Expansion

As part of Section’s partnership with Lumen, we continue to make more of Lumen’s expansive infrastructure network available across Section’s Composable Edge Cloud. New points of presence (PoPs) are being added weekly and now span across North America, South America, Europe, and APAC regions.

Improved AEE Performance & Scaling

We have improved the functioning of the Adaptive Edge Engine (AEE) by providing data feeds of PoP capacity (total and available) and workload capacity (required) and related control systems. This enables more effective scheduling decisions and PoP management when PoPs near capacity limits.

Drupal 9 Update

We have updated the Drupal Section Purger module to now support Drupal 9. This extension allows Section’s global, distributed caching layer to quickly respond to invalidation events from a Drupal instance in exactly the same way that Drupal’s internal cache or a local varnish cache running on the host machine does, ensuring that the content in Section’s global caching layer is always up to date.