Real-Time Metrics

For every edge module you choose to run, Section provides you with real-time metrics, including throughput, responses and errors so you can continually tune configuration to optimize your Edge stack.

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Gain full visibility into your Edge Compute Platform.

Section’s real-time metrics ensure your application is always performing to its highest potential. You receive simple access to best-in-class metrics and monitoring tools right in the Section portal, with no setup needed.

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See application metrics including overall throughput along with edge module-specific metrics to easily view application errors, cache hit rate, threats blocked, and other vital information.

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Use Grafana to visualize data and track long-term patterns and trends that can be shared across both business and technical teams.

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In conjunction with our log management, metrics can be shared between development and operations teams to find and troubleshoot errors quickly.

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With real-time, detailed metrics you can identify areas of improvement to ensure your application is performing at its highest levels of speed, security, and scalability.

Achieve better application performance and security with Section.

Section gives you control over your edge module configurations and full visibility into how their module configurations and the overall application is performing. Section includes Graphite data visualizations in easy-to-understand Grafana graphs and uses the ELK stack to provide real-time log management.

With the Section Edge Compute Platform, you get best-in-class metrics and monitoring tools right in the Section portal, with no setup needed.

Technical Details

Real-Time Metrics

The Section portal includes Graphite metrics that have been brought to life in Grafana visualizations. View application-level data and metrics for each of your edge modules, with the ability to create custom views by building your own dashboard. Overview data includes application throughput, response counts, error code rates, and bandwidth.

Each edge module you add to your Section stack will come with its own set of in-depth metrics. Varnish Cache and ModSecurity metrics are displayed in the Section portal via Grafana. Proprietary edge modules, such as Threat X, Cloudinary and Signal Sciences, have their own sets of metrics which can be accessed in their respective portals.

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