A Global Edge PaaS in Your Private Network

Use section.io in your own private network to build your own bespoke, secure, controlled Edge PaaS.

Leverage the Control and Security of an Isolated Edge PaaS

Bring your AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean or Google Compute Engine account to section.io and you can spin up your own network of private PoPs. section.io can also created a private dedicated network on our cloud for your application.
Built on the foundations of AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean and Google Compute Engine, with more hosting providers being added regularly, you can choose to run on one specific provider in your account or on a number of providers in one or more specific locations.
A private Edge PaaS means you can limit the security boundary for your application to your own cloud provider account without sacrificing the benefits of a global delivery infrastructure for your distributed Edge PaaS.
Take advantage of all the flexibility and control section.io delivers for your Edge PaaS without extending beyond your cloud provider account.
Choose the PoPs you need. Work with section.io's team to manage the scaling and traffic routing to deliver the best outcome for your application security, performance and scalability needs.

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Advanced infrastructure that protects from attacks.

section.io's public network is highly scalable and elastic, protects from network-layer DDoS attacks, and offers superior connectivity and peering. In addition, section.io is PCI compliant and provides high network reliability.

Other features of section.io include Anycast DNS hosting, load balancing, HTTP/2 for all customers, ELK Stack logs and alerting to immediately diagnose issues, and real-time metrics.