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Server Side A/B & Multivariate Testing

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SiteSpect provides the world’s only tag-free web and mobile site optimization platform, enabling online businesses to test everything and target anyone.

SiteSpect gives you the power to test your ideas, discover insights, and personalize the entire customer journey. Optimize the user experience without the limitations of JavaScript tags. Typical customers see 10% RPV Lift, 10% Conversion Lift, and a 10X Revenue Benefit.

The world’s leading digital companies rely on SiteSpect to help them:

  • Deliver more relevant, compelling, and personalized content to customers across any channel.
  • Optimize any and all functionality, including new feature releases, search algorithms, pricing and shipping, process flows (such as checkout and registration), and complete site redesigns to drive immediate actions.
  • Generate actionable insights into customer behaviors and patterns in real time.

A/B, Multivariate and End-to-End Testing

Optimize the entire user experience

Providing a great customer experience is important, but only if it translates into a stronger bottom line. To achieve revenue targets and mitigate risk, companies need a clear ROI. If an organization doesn’t do more than basic testing of its website and mobile capabilities, it risks impeding a consistent, omnichannel customer experience or making only marginal improvements.

SiteSpect provides the personalization, optimization, and insights to drive revenue, reduce costs, and mitigate risk at the scale today’s digital businesses need.

SiteSpect is leading the advancement of customer experience optimization solutions for the world’s most successful digital businesses. Only the SiteSpect patented solutions enable customers to optimize the entire user experience from the front-end (client-side) to the back-end (server-side) while centrally managing across channels, business units, and product lines.

SiteSpect’s unique technology sits in the flow of your digital traffic for full visibility of requests and responses allowing for real time business impact.

To see how SiteSpect can help your team optimize your web and mobile experiences, visit the SiteSpect Documentation.

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