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Deploy your Node.js apps at the network edge.

Up to 7x faster than cloud hosting.

You bring the code. We deploy, distribute, and scale it.

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Node.js Edge Hosting

Run mission critical Node.js applications at the network edge for blazingly fast results with enterprise level AppSec protection.

Micro APIs

Enable faster responses on user queries while lowering costs. Build small, targeted APIs for use cases like search, or fully-featured content exploration with GraphQL.

Server-Side Rendering

Improve SEO, deliver faster load times, and reduce load on your origin servers by rendering your Node.js applications at the network edge.

Single Page App Hosting

Offload the complexities of hosting your single page app (React, Angular, EmberJS) and its assets, while delivering more responsive interfaces.

Proven to perform up to 7x faster than Cloud

In tests, Section’s Adaptive Edge Engine consistently and significantly outperformed Cloud in delivering faster Node.js applications without incurring additional costs or resources around application design and system management.

Section's Adaptive Edge Engine intelligently and continuously tunes and reconfigures your edge delivery network to ensure your edge workloads are running in the optimal location for your application.

Powered by Adaptive Edge Engine

Edge routing, healing, scaling, placement and orchestration

Build & Deploy in Minutes

  1. Download and install
  2. Configure authentication with
    sectionctl login
  3. Pull down dependencies with
    npm install && npm run-script build
  4. Set up free SSL certificate with
    sectionctl certs renew
  5. Deploy your app with
    sectionctl deploy

Flexible Pricing Designed for Scale
Get started with Node.js edge hosting for free and scale up as you need.

Features Developer
Custom quote
Max # edge locations
Serve traffic across Section's global edge network
1 3 5 All
Max # domains per account
Seamlessly manage your domains
1 1 5 Unlimited
HTTP requests (monthly)
Scale to meet traffic demands
1M 5M 35M Unlimited
Add-on HTTP requests (monthly)
Flexible add-on pricing
- $6/million $5/million Get quote
Application sleep
Period of time with zero requests triggering application sleep
1 hour 1 hour Never sleeps Never sleeps
Add-on modules
Customize your edge stack with add-on modules (additional charges apply)
- - Caching,
Image Optimization
Edge module
Core DDoS protection
Layer 3 and 4 protection through our high capacity edge network
Managed SSL certificates
Automatically procure, install, and renew SSL certificates
Edge IP range management
Control what traffic reaches your web servers
All traffic through Section is delivered using modern protocols
# Users
Invite and collaborate with your team
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
13 months of retained metrics to evaluate application performance
7 days of retained logs using the ELK stack
Real-time traffic visualization
Dynamic global view of edge operations
Git-backed CI/CD workflows
Integrate your edge stack into your development pipeline
Integrate and automate to optimize DevOps workflows
Instant Global Deployments
Propagate configuration changes across a global edge network in milliseconds
Adaptive Edge Engine
Dynamic edge routing, healing, scaling, placement, and orchestration
Docs/Community Support
Access an extensive library of technical documentation and community support forum
24x7 support
Premium support when you need - available all day, every day
- - -
PCI compliance available
PCI compliant infrastructure to meet your regulatory requirements (additional charges apply)
- - -
Professional services
Section's team of experienced solutions engineers acts as an extension of your team (additional charges apply)
- - -

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