Nginx and Lua at the edge

Use the power of Lua to achieve edge side rewrites and much more.

Install and configure Nginx/Lua on a globally distributed server network in just minutes. takes the complications out of installing and configuring the software by providing you with:

  • The fully managed instance of the most up to date version.
  • Git backed workflows for easy version controlling.
  • A development environment to test your configurations.
HTML REsponse Time

Rewriting body content

Out of the box your reverse proxy is easily configurable to rewrite the body of our response to inject scripts, fix broken links, update CSS files, and much more.


HTML Streaming

Cache the head of every document to imporve your time to start render and time to first byte speeds, while maintining your current code base.

JS and CS optimization

Complex routing

Fetch data on the fly from external storage devices to determine which upstream server to pass the request to.

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