Fair Use Policy

Together with the Terms of Service and the other documents referenced therein, this Fair Use Policy (FUP) forms a binding agreement (the “Agreement”) between Section and Customer. The Agreement, including this FUP, binds all customers and users of Section’s Service and all visitors to Section’s website; all such customers and users are included in the term “Customer.” All other terms defined in the Terms of Service will have the same meaning when used in this FUP.

Customer shall use the Services in accordance with this FUP. Failure to comply with this FUP may result in termination of any Services and any agreement between the Customer and Section at Section’s sole discretion.

The Service is provided as a platform to serve and support web applications. You agree to use the Service solely for the purpose of serving web applications over HTTP which may be consumed by an end-user or service via a web browser, API or other equivalent application.

The Customer shall not use the Service for delivery of large file objects such as video, audio files or other content which is non-HTML unless specifically agreed with Section as part of a separate agreement between Customer and Section. The Customer shall not use the service for Crypto Mining, Scraping, high CPU applications such as Machine Learning, VPNs or other similar functions.

For the purposes of this FUP, Fair Use of the Services will include delivery of HTTP requests with up to:

  1. An average of 35kb per HTTP request delivered from the Services
  2. Custom code execution time up to 500GB hours per month where the Services include delivery of custom Customer code in containers or serverless functions deployed on the Services.

Where Customer’s use of the Services exceeds Fair Use as defined above, Section reserves the right to, at its sole discretion, request Customer to purchase additional Services capacity or temporarily limit the availability of Services to Customer.