Synthetic Monitoring

View long-term trends to improve your performance configurations.’s synthetic monitoring is set up to collect data at regular intervals throughout the day so that users can view historical data and see how changes they make impact their performance. Synthetic tests can collect data even when visitors are not present, and pre-built dashboards make it simple to see when a website experiences a spike in load times, request count, and more.

Metrics include

  • Back end, front end, and full page load time
  • First and last visual change time
  • Transfer size broken down by HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Content size broken down by HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Number of requests by type
  • SpeedIndex trends

Measure performance for your website and your competitors' sites. allows you to track multiple URLs, so you can easily compare your own performance to that of competitors or other websites in your industry. No DNS change is required to collect this valuable data.

The only DevOps integrated content delivery solution

In addition synthetic monitoring and Real User Monitoring data, once you serve traffic through you will have access to detailed logs and real-time metrics to see how your optimizations are impacting users.'s monitoring, metrics, log management and local development environment are aligned with DevOps principles to provide a full DevOps workflow as soon as you get started.

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