The Developer PoP

A developer Point of Presence to safely build and test your complete Content Delivery configuration locally. is the only content delivery solution that gives developers the ability to build and test their full configuration locally. Update website optimizations or web application firewall configuration in your local Point of Presence before propagating to your test or staging environment or's global PoPs.

Fast development and testing, fewer production issues, and ultimately, a better performance and security outcome: That's what you'll get with the DevPoP.

Why Content Delivery Needs Better Testing

Because CDNs wrap up reverse proxies in a production only black-box, developers are unable to predict how configurations will impact their live website until code reaches production. This means:

Items break in production

Code breaks or conflicts with CDN settings in production: The “it worked on my machine” moment is common when making configuration changes to content delivery. Here are some problems that can arise without testing:

  • Broken images and headers
  • Session leakage
  • Mis-configured WAFs and false positive blocking
  • Slower load times

You cannot push Content Delivery to its full potential

Many of the most valuable features of content delivery are not turned on out of fear they will break a production site once deployed. With a risk-free solution you can:

  • Cache HTML for faster backend times
  • Block threats more effectively
  • Implement more front end optimizations

How the Developer Point of Presence Works’s DevPoP enables developers to pull the full content delivery and reverse proxy configuration (the production PoP) into their local development environment for configuration and testing. Using Git and a local Kubernetes cluster you can see how Content Delivery configuration, and application changes work together. This means:

  • A fast feedback loop (changes viewable in 1 second)
  • Improved development team efficiency
  • Less hassle maintaining a staging site for testing
  • No surprises in production
  • Caching, front end optimizations, and security that works how you expect
Once you are happy with your configuration, you can use the same Git process to instantly push changes to test, staging and/or production.

$ minikube start
$ minikube ssh "docker run --rm --net=host sectionio/section-init"
$ minikube service -n section-shared developer-pop

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Containerized Content Delivery is built using Docker and Kubernetes so that we can provide developers with the best content delivery experience, from reverse proxy selection to testing and measuring success using RUM and synthetic monitoring.

We utilize open source projects like Elasticsearch and Kibana to track and query HTTP requests, Grafana and Graphite for long term site monitoring, and instant cache clears so that you have a seamless workflow and can easily iterate and improve your website. To learn more about how is built differently, please contact us.

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