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Unlock the full potential of a Content Delivery Network with the only CDN that puts developers in control.

Global delivery network
Global delivery network
At the core of every CDN is a globally distributed server network: We use multiple networks from different service providers to provide extra reliability.
Development environment
Development environment
Never say "it worked on my machine" again: Test complex changes locally before deploying to production.
Logs & metrics
Real time logs & metrics
Get visibility to diagnose and troubleshoot problems as they occur using the tools you already know like graphite & kibana ®.
Easy setup
Easy setup
Get going quickly with hosted DNS and automated SSL certificates. Use a simple interface to enable proxies for speed, security, or both.
Source controlled
Source controlled
Use source control to make and track changes over time. Each branch is a separate environment.
Customize your stack
Customize your CDN
Choose your preferred proxies and the versions that work for you. section.io will never lock you into one proprietary proxy software.

A global delivery network that speeds up page load time.

Network Map

Test CDN changes locally so you know what to expect in production.

Safely configure your chosen proxies in your local development environment to provide the maximum performance and security improvements without worrying about issues arising in deployment.

Powered by Vagrant, Docker & Puppet, your local environment will have identical versions of Varnish, ModSecurity, and other proxies you install.

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> git clone https://github.com/section-io/section.cli.git
> ./section up 91b9343ddea5d9eb399f9aaad3a5c5075f1810877
Checking for latest vagrant files
Processing application: www.section.io
Creating repository
Cloning into 'www.section.io'...
remote: Counting objects: 190, done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (156/156), done.
remote: Total 190 (delta 54), reused 0 (delta 0)
Receiving objects: 100% (190/190), 22.91 KiB | 0 bytes/s, done.

Real time logs & metrics tell you how your CDN is performing.

CDN metrics

Kibana logs

section.io leverages the power of ElasticSearch and Kibana to give you request/response logs at a granular level, and most logs are available within 10 seconds so that you can troubleshoot in real time. Easily filter requests based on status code, cache hit status, originating IP address and more. Learn more about section.io diagnostics.

Graphite metrics

Get an aggregated view of how your application is performing. Easily look at how many pages you are serving, and how much of your content is cached. Use flexible alerts for vital metrics to let you know of disruptions. See how section.io real-time metrics work.

CDN configuration that takes hours, not days.

  • Automated, free HTTPS certificates: section.io manages procurement, installation, and renewal of your HTTPS SSL certificate. If you manage multiple domains under your section.io application, we can provide and manage SSL certificates for each individual domain.

  • Hosted DNS: section.io's hosted DNS sets up your application on a network of 24 PoPs across 6 continents.

  • User-friendly interface: GUI configurations for each proxy you set up allow you to select the features you want and update the code in your configuration files.
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Try something new with source controlled branches.

> git log --oneline --graph
* df07137 Merge branch 'caching-changes'
| * 457a24e Override Caching TTL
| * 5a1fa3c Remove cookies for better cacheability
| * d184239 Strip X-Powered-By header
| /
* b1b7ab7 Added HTTPS certificate
* 268e1c9 Initial section.config.json

Each application has its own git repository so you can easily make and track changes. Map individual branches to production and staging environments. A commit to the upstream repository triggers a deployment to your application.

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The tools you want, fully open and customizable.


Speed: Varnish Cache

Highly configurable HTTP accelerator designed to reduce load on your web servers and improve page load performance.

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Protection: ModSecurity

A web application firewall (WAF) to protect your website from malicious DDOS or DOS attacks and unknown software vulnerabilities.

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eCommerce: Magento

section.io seamlessly integrates Magento and Varnish Cache to deliver faster pages and increase website scalability, out of the box.

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Other CDNs choose a version of an open source proxy and put in in a black box. That means you are stuck with any changes they make and cannot use the open source docs or community for help. With section.io you pick your preferred proxy and version, and customize the features you need.