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Unlock the full potential of your website with the only Content Delivery Grid that puts developers in control.

Global delivery network
Global delivery network
At the core of our Content Delivery Grid is a globally distributed server network: We use multiple networks from different service providers to provide extra reliability.
Development environment
Developer PoP
Never say "it worked on my machine" again: Test your full configuration in a local Kubernetes cluster before deploying to production.
Logs & metrics
Real time logs & metrics
Get visibility to diagnose and troubleshoot problems as they occur using Grafana customizable graphs, Kibana logs, and alerting.
Easy setup
All-in-one solution
Get going quickly with hosted DNS and automated SSL certificates. Manage proxies for speed, security, or both from one source-controlled interface.
real user monitoring
Real User Monitoring
section.io provides Real User Monitoring to view how your specific visitors are experiencing load times under real-world conditions.
synthetic monitoring
Synthetic Monitoring
Ongoing synthetic measurement with detailed metrics shows you how your pages perform over time and after configuration changes.
Customize your stack
Customize your CDN
Choose your preferred proxies and the versions that work for you. section.io will never lock you into one proprietary proxy software.
synthetic monitoring
Load Balancing
Automatically distribute load between your origin servers with configurable load balancing.

A global delivery network that speeds up page load time.

Network Map

A Developer Point of Presence to build and test locally.

Safely configure your chosen proxies in a local point of presence to provide the maximum performance and security improvements without worrying about issues arising in production.

section.io is the only content delivery solution to provide this tool that allows you to build and test configurations and integrate continuously. Once you've tested, easily push up your changes using Git for a lightning-fast feedback loop and deployment time.

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$ minikube start
$ minikube ssh "docker run --rm --net=host sectionio/section-init"
$ minikube service -n section-shared developer-pop

Get immediate feedback with real time logs & metrics.

CDN metrics

Graphite Metrics with Grafana Visualization

Get an aggregated view of how your application is performing through Graphite metrics visualized in customizable Grafana charts. Easily look at how many pages you are serving, how much of your content is cached, and Varnish Cache hit rates. See how section.io metrics make it easy to follow DevOps practices.

ELK Stack Logs + Alerting

section.io leverages the power of ElasticSearch and Kibana to give you request/response logs at a granular level. Filter requests based on status code, cache hit status, originating IP address and more and use flexible alerts to notify you when things aren't performing as expected. Learn more about section.io diagnostics and alerts.

CDN configuration that takes hours, not days.

  • Included HTTPS: section.io manages procurement, installation, and renewal of your SSL certificate. We also support SSL certificates for multiple domains managed under one configuration.

  • Hosted DNS: section.io's hosted DNS sets up your application on a network of 24 PoPs across 6 continents.

  • Source-controlled branches: Each application has its own git repository so you can easily make and track changes to your proxy configuration.

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In depth monitoring data to continually improve your content delivery.

Real User Monitoring

Add a simple JavaScript snippet to your website to view load times from your actual visitors. Metrics linking page views and bounce rate to load time show how real users interact with your website.Learn More

Synthetic Monitoring

Collect regular synthetic data for your website and your competitors' websites. Set a performance baseline before making a DNS change to point at section.io, and then immediately see how each configuration change impacts load times. Learn More


Load balancing to keep your origin servers healthy.

load balancing

Load balancing distributes traffic across servers so that your website can handle more visitors at once and visitors are always directed to the best server for their requests. section.io gives you the ability to direct traffic away from an origin server that is offline, cache static and dynamic content on different servers, and much more with unlimited configuration options.

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The tools you want, fully open and customizable.


Caching: Varnish Cache

Cache both static and dynamic content with this HTTP accelerator.

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front end optimization

Front End: PageSpeed

Improve browser rendering and reduce page size with automatic front end optimizations.

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Security: Choice of WAF

Choose Intelligent WAF Threat X or open-source WAF ModSecurity to secure your website.

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eCommerce: Magento

section.io seamlessly integrates Magento and Varnish Cache to deliver faster pages and increase scalability.

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Other Content Delivery solutions lock up performance and security reverse proxies in a black box. With section.io you choose your preferred proxies and customize the features you need. We'll never modify open-source proxies and always allow you to fully control configurations.