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Section is a fully featured enterprise Edge Compute Platform providing scale, security, and reliability. Integrate Section with your enterprise workflows and diagnostic tooling.

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Your Edge Compute Platform with enterprise-class control, transparency, and reliability.

Section is built to support the very largest enterprises and their demands for solution flexibility, reliability, and security.

Boasting a wide range of edge compute software, built on the largest global edge networks and with a developer first approach, Section means you can make an Edge Compute Platform a first-class citizen in your enterprise application stack.

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Delivering enterprise class security features such as Web Application Firewall and DDoS mitigation.

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Built on the backbone of the largest global clouds (AWS, Azure, Google Compute Engine and Digital Ocean) Section has larger scale, better peering, increased redundancy and reliability.

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With more than 140 PoPs in over 55 locations globally, Section brings a wide range of global PoP locations for enterprise and can add additional PoPs on demand to suit enterprise needs.

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Advanced static and dynamic content cache configurations, front end optimization, HTTP/2, a global network and deep development process integration means enterprise engineering teams can build and deliver faster websites on Section than on any other Edge Compute Solution or legacy CDN.

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Teams can work faster and safer with Section as the Edge Compute Soluition runs right in their development environment. Built-in Git branching and promotion means teams can push harder, faster and more safely than with any other Edge Solution including legacy CDNs.

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Run your custom enterprise workloads at the edge on Section or choose from the software modules we have ready to run for your specific edge need. Upgrade when you are ready. No software lock in and the comfort of choice between open source and proprietary solutions.

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Build/Bring Your Own (BYO) compute workload to deploy on Section's distributed Edge Compute Platform with no need to worry about server selection and scaling.

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Choose a network structure which makes sense for your application and security boundaries. Choice of Section's Global Cloud Network or run Section in your Private Network or behind your firewall as an Origin PoP.

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With real-time enriched logs and real-time trending metrics, enterprise teams can quickly track, identify and diagnose traffic trends, issues and incidents.

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24x7x365 direct to engineers support. 100% satisfaction for more than 7 years. Section delivers simply outstanding support for all customers.

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