Do you have what it takes to solve the Edge puzzle?

A guide to help you understand the expected and unexpected building blocks required to build optimized distributed systems.

While most developers have grown familiar with cloud deployment, running workloads across a distributed edge introduces an entirely new set of complexities and considerations.

Nonetheless, developers are increasingly being asked to program in a new computing paradigm - both for edge computing in its own right and as part of a hybrid cloud infrastructure. Further, the parts of the application being moved closer to the end user are also changing. Initially, simple, static assets like images were the main items, but in recent years, application owners have started to migrate more advanced logic, security, and persistent data stores out to the edge. However, the adoption curve has been slow, mainly due to the extreme complexities involved in designing, building, and operating a distributed deployment model.

In this white paper, we break down the complex and always shifting Edge puzzle into component pieces to help developers and DevOps teams understand how to reap the rewards of edge computing.