Set up DNS

To get your users to connect to servers you need to make updates to DNS.

This DNS change will point the traffic to servers.

This tutorial works with a domain name that contains a prefix, like the www. prefix in

If you are working with a site that doesn’t have a prefix please look at bare domain support with

Set up the CNAME record

  1. In the management console, click DNS in the left hand menu. DNS Menu in Management Console
  2. Copy the target CNAME record provided by CNAME value in Management Console
  3. Go to your DNS Hosting Provider’s configuration page and replace your existing CNAME record with the one from the previous step.

  4. Back in the management console, click Verify. You’ll see a message that your DNS is correctly configured.

If you have any trouble, consider looking at our HTTPS Troubleshooting guides.

Let’s proceed to step 3, enabling automatic SSL