Available Proxy Templates

section.io offers a number of different proxies that can be used in your reverse proxy chain. A proxy template is a combination of the proxy software (eg. Varnish) and a set of default files to configure the proxy (eg. the default.vcl file).

If you want to experiment with different proxies you can use our developer POP to run your proxy stack on your local machine.

Varnish v5.2

Varnish v5.1

Varnish v4.1

Varnish 4.1 is available if you need this version

Varnish v4.0

Varnish 4.0 is available if you need this version

Varnish v3

If you have a need to run Varnish 3, eg. you have existing v3 VCL you want to run in section.io, pick this one. This proxy also has ESI enabled to support the Magento Turpentine extension



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Please contact support at support@section.io to configure your environment with Threat-X.