Check your current HTTPS setup

Using the command line - OpenSSL Open a terminal. Run openssl s_client -showcerts -connect </dev/null, with your domain name. If successful, you’ll receive a complete output of what a browser uses to establish secure HTTP. Using an online tool - DigiCert Browse to an online certificate checking service such as: Enter your domain name and initiate the check Verify your setup receives a tick at the bottom of the test »

Create a Free Certificate using Let's Encrypt

Get started Log into your Aperture dashboard and under Set up navigate to the HTTPS page. Select domain The SSL information for the first domain in this application will automatically load. If you have setup multiple domains on a single application, click the drop down box “Select your domain” and select the domain you wish to upload a certificate for. Provision certificate Click the “Renew certificate” button. If you previously used a custom certificate, click the “Switch to Let’s Encrypt” button. »

Create a Let's Encrypt Certificate Before your DNS Change

If you would like to create your free TLS certificates before you make your DNS change, you need to configure your server. For users of Nginx Obtain the CNAME record for your application. You’ll see this on the DNS menu in the management console. Add this block to your server’s configuration, replacing with the CNAME you obtained above: location /.well-known/acme-challenge/ { proxy_set_header Host $host; proxy_pass; } Click Renew Certificate on the HTTPS menu within the section. »

Determine TLS Certificate Order

Getting started Download or unzip the certificates in to a directory somewhere on your computer. The certificates should be PEM encoded and will look like the following in a text editor. -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- /* contents of certificate */ -----END CERTIFICATE----- You will require Openssl to be installed. To check if you have Openssl installed, open a command prompt and type: openssl version You should see output like OpenSSL 1. »

Upload a Custom SSL Certificate

1) Navigate to HTTPS Log into your Aperture dashboard and under Set up navigate to the HTTPS page. 2) Select your desired domain The dropdown will automatically fill with the first domain listed in your application. If that’s not the one you want, select the correct one from the dropdown. If you have multiple sub domains in this application and wish to upload a wild card certificate or a certificate with multiple domains in the Subject Alternate Name(SAN), you will need to upload the certificate for each domain. »