Searching HTTP Logs Using section-io-id

In this document and video we show you how to search the HTTP Logs in Section’s dashboard by using the value of the `section-io-id’ HTTP response header which is present on every response served by Section platform.

Obtain the section-io-id header value.

If you are using a broswer, you shoulw be able to open up broswer Dev-Tools -> Network, load the page then you should see all the requests the browser made. Find the request that is of interest and click it. Under Headers, look for the section-io-id response header. It should look something like this:

section-io-id: 97031a48002326276ebc1aef2eb40f2d

Copy just the value, e.g 97031a48002326276ebc1aef2eb40f2d then follow the instructions below to search for logs associated with that response.

Searching in Kibana

  • Intro 0:00
  • Search by ID 0:49
  • Edge proxy 2:17
  • Varnish logs 2:58
  • WAF 3:34
  • Origin proxy 3:56
  • Filter by ID 4:14