Filter HTTP Logs by URI path


If you with to filter your HTTP Logs by a particular URI path, you’ll first need to open up Kibana located under the HTTP Logs section for your application.

Accessing logs

  1. You’ll first want to start out by searching for the URI path in the search bar by using the following syntax:
    • uri_path:"/some/uri/path"
    • Note: do not include any query strings
  2. This is bring up a list of all logs where that URI path strictly equals the value to searched for.
  3. To analyse the results you can do a few of the following:
    • Add the _type field as a column to view the different types of logs. E.g. edge-access-log, varnish-ncsa-log, or last_proxy-access-log.
    • Add the status filed as a column to see the status code each module delivered downstream.