Use Section-Hosted DNS

To simplify management for your websites, Section can provide DNS hosting. This is especially useful for pointing a zone-apex record (ie bare domain) at a Section endpoint if your current DNS hosting provider does not support the ALIAS or ANAME record types.

Hosting your DNS with Section also provides convenient access to DNS management within the Aperture portal.

Begin hosting DNS with Section

To enable Hosted DNS with Section:

  1. Navigate to the DNS page for your Section application’s hosted environment (eg Production).

  2. Below the “Change your DNS to go live” heading you should find another heading labeled “Section Hosted DNS”. The paragraph that follows will describe the DNS zone name that we have detected that your domain belongs to. If we have detected this zone correctly, and you have access to your DNS registrar to change the name servers for this zone, you can proceed.

Please note: Although DNS hosting and DNS registration are often thought of as the same thing and many companies offer both services, they are distinct and can be provided by different companies. The majority of the DNS record changes described in our DNS documentation (making CNAME or ALIAS changes for example) happen in your DNS hosting console, but changing your name servers must be done with your DNS Registrar.

Your DNS registrar is the organization from which you purchased your actual domain name, not necessarily where your records are maintained and hosted — although again these often go together in practice. Your DNS registrar is the authority on what DNS servers are allowed to answer DNS queries for your website. Inputting Section nameservers into your DNS registrar gives us permission to respond to DNS queries for your site. Note as well that it is possible to enable the Section DNS zone and check to make sure all the records are correct before you change nameservers. We can provision a DNS zone before this change is made but not answer queries.

  1. Click the Enable Hosted DNS button. The DNS page will refresh after a few moments with new instructions.

  2. For your convenience, our system will at this point attempt to copy the most common DNS records from your existing DNS hosting provider into our database, but it can miss some records. Follow the link in “Step 1” of the new DNS page to view the records that have been copied. Verify that the existing records are correct and add any missing records.

  3. When you have verified and corrected the copied records, return the the DNS page for your Section application’s environment. “Step 2” on this page lists the new name servers that you will need to enter for your zone at your DNS registrar. Once this is done the change may take up to 48 hours to propagate to all DNS servers globally — after that you can manage your DNS records via Section and your old DNS hosting provider is not used. You will want to wait the full 48 hours and check DNS propagation globally before you turn off your old DNS hosting.

  4. Click the Verify button on the DNS page to test if HTTP requests for your site are reaching the Section endpoints.

Once you have changed your DNS, please ensure you’ve setup HTTPS.

Manage your DNS hosted with Section

Once Hosted DNS has been enabled for a Section application you can access the zone management page in two ways:

  1. From the DNS page of a hosted environment (Step 1 links to the zone page) or …
  2. On the left hand navigation bar under Account click DNS Hosting.

From the zone page for a particular zone you can view:

  1. The name servers that should be configured at your DNS registrar.
  2. The table of DNS records defined in the zone.

From the records table you can:

  1. Delete records that are not associated with a Section site. Upon first click of the Delete button beside the target record, the button label will change to Confirm, upon clicking again the record will be deleted and begin propagating immediately.
  2. Add new records by clicking the Add button at the bottom of the table, filling the required fields, then clicking the Save button. You cannot create a CNAME record at the zone apex, use an ALIAS record instead for this purpose.
  3. Edit existing records by clicking the corresponding Edit button. The record types A, ALIAS, or CNAME can be changed to another record type in this same set and when saved the change will be applied so the record does not appear missing during the transition.