Section offers a number of different modules that can be used in your edge deployment.

Section also allows you to build your own modules and run custom workloads on our edge network throughout the world. You can get started with building your own module with the example module assets provided by Section : Module Build Assets.

A module template is a combination of the module software (eg. Varnish Cache) and a set of default files to configure the module (eg. the default.vcl file).

If you want to experiment with different modules you can use our Developer Workflow to run your edge deployment on your local machine.

Available Modules

Module Function Description
Cloudinary Image Optimization On-the-fly image manipulation and optimization.
Optidash Image Optimization Optimize images and reduce page weight and load time.
ModSecurity Web Application Firewall Open source Web Application Firewall.
Node.js Edge Compute Node.js Javascript application module running on Section compute edge.
OpenResty Edge Compute Nginx and Lua based scriptable web platform.
Radware Bot Manager Bot Management Non-human bot traffic detection and management.
Signal Sciences Web Application Firewall Real-time protection for an application under attack and integrates into devops toolchains.
SiteSpect A/B Testing Javascript and Tag Free A/B testing.
ThreatX Web Application Firewall Web Application Firewall based on dynamic rules.
Varnish Cache Cache Latest version of Varnish Cache completely customizable.
Virtual Waiting Room Traffic Management Manage user experience during extreme traffic events.