Add a user to your account

A guide the help you add additional users to your account.

This is a guide for users who want to share access to their account(s). When inviting new users to your account, they will receive an email inviting them to join and have immediate access to your account. Currently does not allow you to change the roles of these users, but if you want the user to have a different role (e.g. only be able to clear cache) please submit a support ticket and we will get the user’s role changed as soon as possible.

Where to add the user

To get started, navigate to the Account section and then Users and Access (outlined by the small red rectangle on the image below).

add user

At the bottom of your list of current users there will be a section to add a user with their First Name, Last Name, and Email inputs (shown below). The user will then get an email from with the invitation to join the account.

Note: The email invitation will only be valid for 48 hours.

add user