Developer PoP

Clone the Git-backed Section Edge repositories into your local dev environment for configuration and testing before pushing to test, staging and the production Edge.

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Bring our Edge Compute Platform into your CI/CD world.

Section is the only Edge Compute Platform that is fully integrated with the methodologies of continuous integration and continuous delivery. Built for agile and DevOps centric teams.

With the Developer PoP, you can bring the full edge configuration into your current workflow without jeopardizing the efficiency, speed, and quality control you have built through modern engineering methods.

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Most developers would be familiar with “it worked on my machine” moments where your code conflicts with what gets pushed to production. By allowing you to bring your full edge configuration into your testing environment, those conflicts are caught and fixed long before deploying new code to production.

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An Edge Compute Platform that only operates in production breaks CI/CD methodologies, making your organization less agile. The Developer PoP allows you to completely integrate your Edge Compute Platform into your existing CI/CD workflow.

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By reducing the risk of production errors, and making it easy to test configuration updates in a development environment, the Developer PoP speeds up development cycles and keeps your development and operations teams working in harmony.

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Moving more logic to the edge is a priority for performance-oriented development teams, but many run into challenges with edge compute logic such as IoT data consolidation, dynamic content caching and edge side includes because they are unable to test before deploying to production. By bringing your Edge Compute Platform into your testing environment, you can push the possibilities of what you can achieve at the edge.

Achieve risk-free edge deployments.

Section is the only Edge Compute Platform that gives you the ability to build and test your full configuration locally. Update application optimizations or web application firewall configurations in your local Point of Presence (Dev PoP) before propagating to your test or staging environment or Section’s global PoPs.

Immediately identify issues via log management and real-time metrics.

Fast development and testing, fewer production issues, and ultimately, a better performance and security outcome.

Technical Details

Developer PoP

Section’s DevPoP enables you to pull the full edge module and delivery configuration (the production PoP) into your local development environment for configuration and testing.

Using Git and a local Kubernetes cluster you can see how edge configuration and application changes work together. This means:

  • Fast feedback loops (changes viewable in 1 second)
  • Improved development team efficiency
  • Less hassle maintaining a staging site for testing
  • No surprises in production

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