The Section Changelog

What's new on Section

Changes to domain verification

July 7, 2020

Section will no longer perform on-demand bulk verification of all domains in an Application or Environment for sites with many domain names. On-demand verification of individual domains is still supported.

Section will only attempt to issue new HTTPS certificates, or renew existing certificates, for a domain that has been verified to be correctly configured via DNS to be served via the Section edge.

Normally Section performs this verification as a regular process, typically within 24 hours. However, for a newly added domain, immediate verification may be desired to fast-track certificate issuance.

Historically, two of the Section APIs for domain verification, application-scope and environment-scope, would bulk verify all domains within the scope on-demand. For sites with only a few domains, these APIs will still perform this function.

However, for sites with many domains, these APIs will now return an error with a message indicating that the single-domain API should be used instead for the specific domain name requiring immediate verification.

The Section Console has also been updated to use the single-domain API in all scenarios, notably the “Verify” button on the “HTTPS” page now requires the specific domain to be selected from the drop-down list first.

A new API has also been introduced to query the last known state of the verification process for all domains within an environment without triggering re-verification. This API supports Environments with many domains.