Why All Marketers Should Love CDNs

Today marks my first day as a member of the section.io team and I couldn’t be more excited to dive into the world of CDNs, reverse proxies, varnish cache, and web application firewalls. I will also fully admit that almost all of these words were completely foreign to me before I discovered section.io a few weeks ago.

Why would I agree to join a company that sells a product I couldn’t explain a few short weeks ago? Because I’m a marketer, and after taking a minute to understand the technology, I believe that all marketers should love CDNs.

Digital marketers today have more in common with olympic track stars than they do Don Draper. While great marketing can move the needle, most of us should really be looking to shave seconds off our website latency than spend more time re-designing our company’s homepage for the 30th time. The audiences we desperately try to reach are endlessly distracted and possess attention spans shorter than my 8 month old daughter. A beautiful website and a well designed shopping cart funnel won’t matter if your visitors bounce before they even see it.

This is where CDNs come in. By making it possible to serve content to anyone around the globe at the same speed as if they were down the street, CDNs have made surfing the internet incredibly fast and raised expectations for website performance exponentially. According to KISSmetrics, even a 1 second delay in page response time can drop your conversion rate by 7%. This is why more than half of all internet traffic is already served by CDNs. Slow websites are bad for business.

But the marketing benefits of CDNs don’t stop there! CDNs can also help your website handle high traffic loads brought on by your latest email blast, survive a DDOS attack that could cause a costly outage, and block bots that inflate your traffic and wreak havoc with your marketing metrics. CDNs can also make it easy to implement HTTPS on your site to make sure you stay on Google’s good side.

While CDNs and reverse proxies might technically remain the concern of your IT department, the benefits are sure to make your marketing team look good. I look forward to continuing to share my CDN discoveries through the eyes of a marketer on this blog while helping more companies ease their content delivery pain through section.io’s technology.

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