Which reverse proxy will be added next on Section?

As you know Section currently supports the following reverse proxy servers:

  • Varnish Cache 3
  • Varnish Cache 4
  • Varnish Cache 3 pre-configured for Magento Turpentine Integration
  • Varnish Cache 4 specifically for Magento 2.0.0
  • ModSecurity

You also get HTTP/2 support out of the box and TLS management when you point your website traffic through Section (regardless of whether your Varnish Cache or ModSecurity configuration is set up or not!)

Given that Section is a reverse proxy management platform which allows you to run reverse proxies on our cloud or in your own AWS account, we will be continuing to add support for more reverse proxies – both open source and commercial if desired.

We have been having some discussion internally over what should be the next reverse proxy added to the stack for folks to choose. Here are a few of the candidates:

  • mod_pagespeed – there is lots of info on Google’s mod_pagespeed reverse proxy Apache module. At Section we have been using mod_pagespeed for a few years with awesome results for various websites. We figure using it in a fashion such that you can integrate it with your development workflows will significantly improve the usability of the module.
  • Lua rewriting - We have also been working with the OpenResty Lua module for the last few years and more recently the NginScript JavaScript module. We use these to rewrite HTML on the fly and resolve issues like blocking Javascript.
  • Data driven content management – We have a custom module to provide you with an opportunity to adjust the response of your website based on data feeds. For example, we have been using real time concurrent user data feeds to redirect specific users to “holding” pages for some websites when their backends or origin servers become overwhelmed with transactions.

As with Varnish Cache and ModSec, when we add the next reverse proxies to the Section platform, we will make sure we add them so that:

  • You can run them in your local development environment backed by familiar Git deployment models; and
  • You have the relevant metrics and logs and alerting ready to go for prod and dev based on Graphite, Kibana, Logstash, Elasticsearch and Umpire.

We would love some user feedback as to the reverse proxies or functionality you would like added to the platform. It’s not a matter of if we add them but when!

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