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Content Delivery Network?

Did you know that many of us access content from a CDN every day? I didn’t, until a few weeks ago when a friend told me about an opportunity at a company who is pioneering the latest and greatest in content delivery networks. To be completely honest, I wasn’t entirely certain what a CDN was but decided it was worth looking into. Fast forward 2 weeks and I am embarking on an exciting new journey as the newest member of the team.

A CDN for Developers

I have always been drawn to new technology and ways to optimize resources we use everyday such as the web. While the concept of a CDN may not be new, a CDN designed specifically for agile developers is.

I am not a developer, I am not even a “techie” but I know plenty of them and can absolutely understand why they light up when they learn about the section.io offering. I look forward to increasing my understanding of the technology and can’t wait to begin educating our future customers about how they can increase performance while driving revenue and decreasing costs.

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