Wallarm Reduces Implementation and Ops Burdens with Section

“Section really understands how to optimize cloud-native environments from a technical perspective,” Diaz says. “That strong technical expertise makes them a perfect complement to our offering.”

Applications and APIs are omnipresent – and growing exponentially. According to Postman’s 2021 State of API Report, there will be 1.7 billion active APIs by 2030. Today, a whopping 83% of all web traffic is the result of API calls. Understandably, Gartner predicted that APIs would “become the most frequent attack vector, resulting in data breaches for enterprise web applications.” We’re seeing the release of new API security exploits almost every single day. And if trends continue, that number could soon exceed 17 new API exploits per day

Fast and Easy Application & API Security

Wallarm’s end-to-end API security products provide robust protection for APIs, microservices and serverless workloads running in cloud native environments. Security and DevOps teams from leading tech companies and global 2000 enterprises choose Wallarm to gain unique visibility into malicious traffic, robust protection across their whole API portfolio, and automated incident response for product security programs.

The company offers customers both a complete API and application security platform as well as a web application and API protection (WAAP) solution for any environment, including cloud-native, multi-cloud, edge or even on-prem. While new threats continue to emerge, organizations’ environments are also expanding and growing increasingly complex – opening the door to security holes.

And that’s precisely why Wallarm turned to Section to extend the benefits of its security solutions without the burden of implementation headaches or ongoing maintenance. With Section powering Wallarm, users no longer have to worry about managing the deployment on their own.

Unlike traditional WAFs, Wallarm security managers don’t have to fine-tune security rules or hard-code them manually. Filtering and traffic analysis happen automatically, allowing users to dissect traffic and attacks – without overpaying for unnecessary traffic – while the system returns fully automated rules for users. At the same time, Section enables Wallarm to provide additional services such as globally distributed hosting, layer 3 and layer 4 distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection, and secure socket layer (SSL) termination at the network level. As a result, customers receive a low-maintenance experience with the added benefit of an extremely low total cost of ownership.

More Than Just Your Typical Vendor Relationship

We’re all too familiar with the typical vendor relationship. You pay for a service, and (hopefully) you get an appropriate level of service in return. And most companies do an adequate, if not fine, job achieving that goal. But finding those organizations that truly go above and beyond – to really get to know your business, your products, your team and even your customers – is often like finding a needle in a haystack. And that’s exactly what Wallarm found in Section.

“In all honesty, I feel like they are an extension of our company,” says Alex Diaz, Wallarm’s VP of Security Solutions. “We have seamless communication with their team. We meet with them every two weeks, so there’s constant visibility in terms of what’s going on between us. But I can also ping them on Slack with questions and count on them to respond quickly and help whenever we need them.”

The partnership doesn’t end there. The two companies have successfully pursued a number of pieces of business together over the past year. And they look to continue doing more. As Diaz observes, “I would like to see us pursue more joint opportunities together in the future because we have proven that it’s working. Having a joint offering has been very beneficial for us.” With an increasing return to normalcy, Diaz anticipates that this could include more appearances together at trade shows and in-person customer meetings to “highlight just how well we work together.”

A Perfect Technology – and Technical – Match

The two companies started working together in late 2020 because Wallarm liked what it saw in terms of Section’s flexibility, robust CDN and unparalleled ability to deploy Wallarm’s filtering nodes and services in new data centers whenever and wherever needed. The fact that the Section team had demonstrated experience working with similar challenges was the icing on the cake.

Yury Larichev, Wallarm’s Chief Revenue Officer, notes, “From a technology perspective, it’s a perfect fit because Section is so familiar with handling proxy deployments. Section is so easy to use, and it’s flexible enough to allow us to deploy anywhere we want. Wallarm’s filtering nodes can be deployed to sit on top of Section’s platform in a docker container, so our customers can be deployed and provisioned and protected within a matter of minutes.”

But it is more than just Section’s technology that elicits high praise from the Wallarm team. Diaz shares that the company’s technical expertise – particularly when it comes to understanding cloud native deployments – was also a deciding factor. “Section really understands how to optimize cloud-native environments from a technical perspective,” Diaz says. “That strong technical expertise makes them a perfect complement to our offering.”

Diaz concludes by observing, “When you put it all together, Section is a complete solution.”

Ready to jump in? Deploy your first workload to Section in minutes.

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