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signal sciencesWe are pleased to announce today that we have added the Signal Sciences Web Protection Platform to’s modular Edge PaaS. Both and Signal Sciences focus on bringing security, agile practices, and DevOps workflows to enterprises that are tackling the shift to cloud and modern application deployment.

This addition to’s suite of reverse proxies for security and performance allows our customers to utilize this advanced Web Protection Platform within To learn more or add Signal Sciences to your setup, please contact us. The full press release is below: Joins Forces with Signal Sciences to Bring DevOps and Agile Workflows to Website Security

Boulder, CO, June 21, 2017 - today announced the expansion of its website security offerings with the addition of Signal Sciences Web Protection Platform (WPP), the security industry’s first Web protection platform. Both and Signal Sciences focus on bringing security, agile practices, and DevOps workflows to enterprises that are tackling the shift to cloud and modern application deployment. By working together, the two companies will provide customers the ability to utilize Signal Sciences WPP, a comprehensive threat protection and security visibility solution for web applications, microservices, and APIs on any platform, within’s modular Edge PaaS.

“In the past, deploying web security solutions via content delivery networks was a challenge due to the inability for developers to fully test configurations and a lack of visibility into how the traditional WAFs blocks threats,” said Tyler Shields, Vice President of Marketing, Strategy, and Partnerships at Signal Sciences. “By bringing Signal Sciences and together, we’re able to break down the silos between development, operations, and security, providing security visibility, performance, and protection in a platform that integrates well into the customer’s current workflows.” and Signal Sciences were both started when their respective founders ran into difficulty implementing content delivery and security solutions while adhering to modern developer workflows. The solutions prioritize visibility through detailed metrics and monitoring, easy testing, and automation via continuous integration and continuous delivery practices.’s modular Edge PaaS is built using container technology, which allows it to offer a choice of technologies for website performance and security. With the addition of Signal Sciences,’s offerings now includes three Web protection tools (open-source WAF ModSecurity, intelligent WAF Threat X, and Signal Sciences Web Protection Platform), 7 unmodified Varnish Cache versions, Nginx with LUA for powerful Edge Side Rewrites, and Google’s PageSpeed for front end optimizations.

“The ability for users to choose the web security solution that works for them, rather than being locked into black-boxed tools that legacy CDNs offer, is changing how people think of content delivery. We’re pleased to partner with Signal Sciences to bring our customers the most advanced website security platform on the market today,” said Stewart McGrath, CEO and co-founder of’s core features include robust metrics, real time detailed logs, real user and synthetic monitoring, instant cache clear and configuration propagation, a global PoP network, and a Developer PoP for building and testing configurations locally. Over the coming months will deploy additional solutions for website performance, security, and scalability on its platform.

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