Announcing the Section Partner Program

Section works with digital agencies, development shops, and hosting services to improve website performance and security

Section is pleased to announce that we are launching the Section Partner Program. This program will make it easy for digital agencies, hosting services, and development shops to bring Section’s website performance and security tools to their clients’ websites, while giving partners themselves marketing and revenue benefits.

In September, we announced our flagship strategic partnership with leading ecommerce platform Magento. Building on this, we are excited to make it simple for Magento agencies and developers to partner with Section to speed up clients’ websites, make them more secure, and improve their conversion rates. Section also welcomes partners focused on other ecommerce or website platforms, and hosting agencies who are looking to increase customer experience by adding performance and security features.

Some of the benefits you’ll get if you join Section’s partnership program include:

  • A quick way to speed up your client websites by providing them with a global CDN and Varnish Cache, a best-in-class website acceleration tool.
  • Improved security of client websites with included HTTPS certificates and HTTP/2, and the option of adding an advanced Web Application Firewall.
  • Referral fees and/or monthly ongoing revenue opportunities for each registered account you bring to Section
  • Collaboration on marketing and sales materials, including the opportunity to post blogs on the Section website, be provided with Section-authored content, and co-brand whitepapers or webinars.
  • Technical training for your engineers on how to get the most out of Section, Varnish Cache, and ModSecurity.

Several companies have already joined the Section Partner Program, including OnlyGrowth, who specializes in Shopify websites and are Shopify Plus Experts, Trellis, which provides full-service ecommerce and CMS services, Magento-focused agency Wagento, and Magento development agencies WeltPixel and Customer Paradigm.

Brent Peterson of Wagento is pleased to partner with Section because “At Wagento we understand the importance of good website performance for user experience, customer satisfaction, SEO and much more. Section’s platform makes it easy for our developers to add Section’s security and performance tools onto our client websites and gives us more features to discuss with prospective clients.”

For more details on the Section partner program, download the partner information pack, or contact us to be put in touch with our partner team.

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