Section Partners with the Drupal Association to Secure the Drupal Community

The Drupal Association selected Section to power the community tier of the Drupal Steward program, which extends Drupal security solutions to the global Drupal community.

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Millions of developers, from entrepreneurs to large enterprises, have chosen to build their applications on Drupal, making it one of the largest open source communities in the world. As a leading content management solution, Drupal’s core technology offers robust feature sets, but its true power is delivered in the flexibility that it offers developers.

Built on the same underlying principles of modularity and configurability, Section and Drupal are a natural fit. For years, Section has been helping Drupal developers accelerate, secure, and scale their applications with leading Edge technologies that include advanced caching, next-gen web application firewalls, dynamic traffic routing, and more.

The Drupal Association recently approached Section to power the Drupal Steward security program for its community. The Drupal Steward program provides critical application protection against vectors targeting application-layer attack. Harnessing the flexibility and control of the Section platform, Drupal was able to build and offer a powerful Community tier package that provides affordable protection against the exploitation of highly critical vulnerabilities within an application.

Users of the Drupal Steward community tier will be able to leverage Drupal-specific protection at the edge, protecting them from any highly-critical vulnerabilities that may emerge, even before they are able to install the latest security updates. In addition, users will be able to access the benefits of Section’s global delivery platform.

In a press release announcing the program, Heather Rocker, Executive Director of the Drupal Association said, “I am proud that we can advance Drupal’s commitment to enterprise-grade security. The Drupal Steward program and its security protections should give the world the confidence to build the next generation of digital experiences on open source technology.”

Section is proud to be a long-time supporter of open source projects, recognizing that innovation is best achieved through collaboration. As Daniel Bartholomew, Co-Founder and CTO of Section, stated in The Section Manifesto, “We built Section from the same values that led to the creation of Linux and Git. Transparency, collaboration, and community.”

We’re proud to continue to support the Drupal community and empower Drupal developers to build better, faster, and more secure applications.

Explore Section’s offerings as a Drupal Association Partner.

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