Section Launches Support for Kubernetes Persistent Volumes

We’re excited to introduce the immediate availability of Persistent Volumes in all 184 Section Points of Presence.

Persistent Volumes allow your pods to persist data beyond a pod’s lifetime, making it easier for you to run applications such as databases and share data between pods.

“With Persistent Volumes, we’re enhancing the features organizations can use to deliver their applications globally and adding even more utility for Section users” – Andy Piggott, CPO.

Persistent Storage helps address a wide range of use cases including:

  • *horizontal scaling of a pod for access to data replicas or caches
  • *keeping data beyond a pod restart to avoid repopulating
  • *storage for databases such as Postgres, MySQL and SQLite
  • *implementing a document or object store

“Customers have been requesting Persistent Storage for a while now, and we’re excited to announce that it’s finally here! With this feature, a whole world of new applications becomes possible on Section, and it’s available over 180 points of presence from today” said Dan Barholomew, CTO & Cofounder.

To help get customers started with Persistent Volumes, we’ve put together some guides:

Whether you’re looking to run a database on Section, share a distributed cache or take snapshots of your application, Section’s Persistent Volumes open up new ways to deliver pieces of your application stack – we can’t wait to see how you use them!

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