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Vanity Tracker Domain HTTPS with Pardot & Salesforce

Most astute companies are using marketing automation software to help streamline their marketing message and increase sales results. Security and performance typically aren’t your first thoughts when setting up such systems and configuring vanity tracker domains.

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Heading to 2016 Magento Imagine?

Source -

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Which reverse proxy will be added next on

As you know currently supports the following reverse proxy servers Varnish Cache 3 Varnish Cache 4 Varnish Cache 3 pre-configured for Magento Turpentine Integration Varnish Cache 4 specifically for Magento 2.0.0 ModSecurity

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HTTP/2 by default has supported the SPDY protocol since the platform’s inception and we’ve been trialling HTTP/2 in recent months. Today HTTP/2 is enabled for all sites using

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Finding the IP address of your visitors

When you create an account on we give you lots of powerful tools to improve your website’s performance and security. There are great charts showing how many requests are being served and what is being done to them. You can dig into the logs and see how each request flows through and what happens to it.

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The Architecture of

At we wanted to enable people to use popular reverse proxies like Varnish Cache and ModSecurity to improve the performance and security of their websites but remove the hassle of dealing with deployments, high-availability, patching, TLS configuration, or instrumentation.

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Using as an Ssl Reverse Proxy

Using a reverse proxy for SSL can improve site load speed and free up resources on your servers.

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