Our top six presentations from Magento Imagine 2016

Section was proud to sponsor a small part of Magento Imagine 2016. Our goal in sponsoring the event was two-fold - we want to connect with Magento users and we want to make sure that Section’s systems are the ideal Magento CDN.

Three people from Section attended Magento Imagine in Las Vegas, two from our Syndey Australia office and one from our Boulder Colorado office.

I asked the guys to let me know what they thought the best three presentations they saw. Here are our thoughts one week after the event:

Stewart McGrath, CEO. @stewmcgrath

  1. Magic Johnson Keynote.

    “What a personality. Clearly a motivated and motivating person, the Magic Johnson brand is really pushing the envelope. I’m not a Lakers fan, in fact not even a (basketball fan truth be told) but Magic was fantastic to see.”

  2. Fully Stacked: Less Oops, More Ops for Magento Development by Mathew Beane - Director of Systems Engineering, Robofirm

    “Mathew’s exploration of the implementation of working with a DevOps stack for Magento was excellent. Clearly the driving forces of software development (agile, DevOps, Continuous Integration and Continous Delivery) have been embraced by the Robofirm team. Great session.”

  3. General Session and Keynote Day 2

    “The Release of the Magento 2 platform built by the platform.sh team was a major shift for the Magento platform. Platform.sh have built an excellent DevOps focused toolset for Magento 2 users.”

Matt Johnson, VP Delivery Services

  1. Magento 2 Developer Deep Dive

    “Great technical journey into fundamentals of developing for Magento 2”

  2. Breakout Sessions I - Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition – A Platform-as-a-Service for Your Business

    “Launch of Magento cloud. We think it could have used a more developer-centric CDN but platform wise incredible to see branching and environments in Magento 2”

  3. Fully Stacked: Less Oops, More Ops for Magento Development

    “Awesome to see usage of docker and resolution of common development workflow issues targetted at Magento 2”

Wrapping Up

We are so pleased to see the maturity of the Magento ecosystem progress from a skin/theme/plugin model into a rich developer-centric environment. It was these drivers that led us to build technology into our platform to make Section a great Magento CDN.

If you’d like to know more about why Section is set apart from other CDN choices for Magento, then sign up, join a weekly webinar, or contact our engineering team.

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